On the move

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 11/07/2019


PAX (10): Fanny Pack, White Claw, Devito, Zima, Trebek, Lumberg, Scar, Top Hat, Special K


This will be kind of short as YHC is busy before leaving to go hunting.  4 pre runners in perfect weather including guest appearance by one of my two favorite South Africans.  Came in at an even 3 miles to find 6 more motivated pax ready to do hard work.

The Thang:

This was a tour of the park kind of day.  We kept a steady pace with stops every 1/4 mile to complete a wide variety of exercises including a Mucho Chesto Cycle over by the Equestrian Park.  At the bottom of Brokeback Mnt. we ran backwards to the top and completed a set of pop jacks.

Over to the long narrow parking lot for some defensive back drills followed by all pax grabbing a line and working thru a mercan and sprint fest down to the bottom of the hill.

A mosey to the pull up bars for three sets 10,8,6 followed by 10 Donkey Kicks on the wall each time.  Devito got extra credit pull ups because he has trouble sometimes listening and/or following Q instruction.  That’s okay because we never have a problem with someone that pushes past the minimum.

Circled back to the flag for some MARY and done!


Discussion about focusing on form and executing each exercise correctly to get the most out of your workout.  No prizes are awarded for first place so no reason to cheat yourself on work.

Discussion about Q signups in general.  No names mentioned (Special K)


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always an honor to have the opportunity to lead this group.

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