The Brotherhood of the Travelling Rocks

AO: The Rubicon

When: 11/05/2019

QIC: Pitstop

PAX (12): False Start, Kick Six, Devito, Mayhem, Top Hat, Lumbergh, Special K, Stifler, Cookie, Milli Vanilli, Miller Time


Nice weather, good turnout in spite of losing a bunch of guys to the opening of the Bandit.

Moseyed to the FOD for some warm-up.  Weed pickers, lunges, merkins, and SSH to loosen up.


The Thang:

Moseyed to the coupon pile, got a coupon, and lined up at the pool parking lot for Manmaker Suicides.

Round 1 –

  1. Carry the coupon to the first parking island, do 2 MANMAKERS, leave the coupon and run back to the baseline.
  2. Run back the coupon, pick it up and carry to the next island, do 4 manmakers.
  3. Repeat until the end of the parking lot, adding 2 reps at each island.

10 Coupon Flutter Kicks

Round 2 – rinse and repeat with SUMO DEADLIFTS

15 Coupon Flutter Kicks

Round 3 – rinse and repeat with FLAMINGO CURLS (do curls while standing on one leg).  Reps per leg.

25 Coupon Flutter Kicks

Round 4 – Derkin Plank-Off

As usual, MillerTime, Devito and Cookie dominated the plank-off while the rest of us did burpees.


YHC still needs a buyer for my house.

Lots of talk about November challenges and 3rd Fs.

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