I Wanna Rock!

AO: Caney Creek

When: 10/30/2019

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (6): Pothole, Nacho Libre, Peyton, Hasselhoff, Zelda, Ha-ha


We had a PAX from NLB lined up to Q. Had. The fartsack is strong with this one!

As the men from NLB arrived and we did not have a Q YHC volunteered to take the lead.


While making out customary parade lap around the parking lot Nacho came in and joined the parade. After one circuit we circled up for:

  • SSH
  • Mountain Man Poopers (look it up. No squirrel Gravy was harmed in the making of this workout)
  • Weed Pickers

YHC decided to take the opportunity to d a little Q school for our new guys. So explained cadence counting and then we did some Merkins.

The Thang:

We mosied over to the rock pile and being careful not to grab a rock harboring a colony of ants underneath we all selected a largish rock and took it to the bottom of the steps.

After explaining the concept of “pearls on a string” we partnered up for Dora’s favorite rock party:

  • 100 Overhead Press
  • 200 Curls
  • 300 Squats with rock

While your partner ran to the top of the stairs and back, rack up the count on the above exercises until the total is retired per group. Swap roles when partner returns from the run.

We then returned our rocks being very careful not to drop them.. well not really. We just chucked them back.

We went to the pavilion since the rain gods were starting to smile down on Caney Creek.

Same partners, one partner does 5 pull ups while the other partner does AMRAP step ups. Flap jack for 3 turns for each partner at the pull ups.

We turned to Mary and had turns at calling out an exercise and practicing our cadence count.

  • LBCs
  • Dollies
  • Flutters
  • Dieing cockroach

Probably more until time.


Prayers for loves ones in recovery, loves ones traveling and finances.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Another good crowd at Caney Creek. Good to have the men from NLB out.

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