Mayhem’s Spooktackular BD

AO: The Rubicon

When: 10/29/2019

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (15): Cookie, Zima, Devito, False Start, Pinky, Pitstop, Stiffler, Milli Vanilli, Fanny Pack, Lumberg, Trebek, White Claw, Kruger, Miller Time, Mayhem


15 Brave souls entered the gloom at the Rubicon on a cool, quiet morning.  It was time to get everyone prepped for Halloween night, and YHC crafted a mean brew of a beatdown for my F3 Brothers.


Mosey over to the sports complex parking lot for a round of 15 x SSH, 15 Frankensteins, & one set of Batwings.

Mosey to the Playground.

The Thang:

THE HANGMAN – Thriller-style

Very simple rules.  Find some real estate on the pull up bar and start hanging once the music starts.  Everytime you hear Michael Jackson say “Thriller” in the chorus, do a pull up.  If you had to drop, the undead were owed 3 burpees.  YHC heard lots of groans from all directions, so I assume the ghouls were pleased.

Zombie Parade

The transformation was not complete, however, so we moseyed over to the FOD for some team Zombie crawls.

Team 1 – Zombie crawl from home plate to 1st base, then AMRAP Squat Jumps.

Team 2 – SSH at home plate until Team 1 reached first, then Zombie Crawl to 1st.  Relieve T1, and start Squat Jumps.

T1 continued their crawl to 2nd base, then AMRAP American Hammers until T2 caught up.

Exercise continued, with Hand Release Merkins at 3rd, SSH at home plate. YHC gave the option to Crabwalk at 2nd base, as the whines and wails of wet tootsies were haunting me.

Truly looked like a scene out of Walking Dead! Zombification complete.


As we mosey’d up to the swimming pool parking lot, we witnessed a terrible sight.  5 Trick or Treat-ers had left their candy buckets!  Being HIMs, our quest was simple: retrieve the candy for the innocent, living (?) children.  But as with all Beatdowns, there’s a catch: PAX must run back and forth between the dividers to get to the buckets.  Once there, grab a treat: 25 Merkins for something Chocolate, 25 Bonnie Blairs for fruity candy, 25 Jack Webbs for plastic spiders.  Continue with your treat to each bucket and finally deposit your goodies by the American flag.  Rinse and Repeat until all the candy had been returned!


-NEW AO – The Storm opens up this Thursday at Halcyon Green (1400 McFarland Pkwy).  Great to see the Alpha region continue to expand.

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