Is it time for more 11’s?

AO: Firehouse

When: 10/29/2019

QIC: Reuben

PAX (3): Snowden, Skynyrd, Reuben


Great to have a few regulars back at The Firehouse this morning.  As YHC pulled into the AO, Skynyrd and Snowden were waiting patiently some unexpected excitement.  Let’s mosey!!


Quick half loop around the upper lot and stop at playground for warm up:

  • SSH
  • Carolina dry docks
  • Windmill
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Imperial walkers

The Thang:

Hit the curb for 1st round of 11’s:

Incline merkins/Derkins

2nd round of 11’s:

Head over to coupon pile and grab generous weighted coupon.  We hit the ramp for Star jumps at bottom and Squat thrusts with coupon at top.

3rd round/11’s

Re deposit coupons and head over to the Big hill for Maktar N’jys at top and LBC’s at bottom.

4th round

We ended up back at the pavilion and hit the picnic benches for our last round- Box jumps and step ups.




Finished up with a quick Mary of Dollys.

Prayers for new job venture for some packs and continued good health for the season.



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