Cardio day at the Galaxy

AO: The Galaxy

When: 10/25/2019

QIC: Tweaker

PAX (5): Wideright Sparky Babyface Tweaker Fondue guy


Decided to work on getting some cardio in since no running the month of October.



Headed up to the upper parking lot for a quick lap ( yeah ran in the boot) followed by 15 of

  • Abe Vigodas
  • Weed pickers
  • Arm circles
  • Leg circles

The Thang:

We started with a quick Yoga warmup with some merkins mixed in

  • Sun Salutation A x3
  • Warrioe 1,2 triangle (l)
  • Vinyasa with 10 merkins
  • Warrior 1,2, triangle (r)
  • Vinyasa with 10 merkins
  • Warrior 3 (l)
  • Vinyasa with 10 merkins
  • Warrior 3 (r)

Next we moved into a kick boxing workout.  The below were done on the left side followed by the right.

  • High / Low punch cross
  • Front kick, back kick
  • Three direction kicks (Front, Side, Back)
  • Hook, uppercut, side kick
  • Tripple jab, cross punch, knee
  • Uppercut, elbow, front kick
  • Uppercut, elbow, cross, back kick
  • Jab,cross,hook,uppercut
  • Push kick, snap kick
  • Hook, uppercut, hook uppercut, sprawl
  • Check snap kick, superman punch
  • Jab,cross, sprawl scramble

Finally with remaining time we did a small isometric workout

Isometrics 20 sec hold

  • Plank
  • Plank left arm out
  • Plank right arm out
  • Plank left arm right leg out
  • Plank right arm left leg out
  • Left side Plank
  • Right side Plank
  • Standing on left leg
  • Standing on right leg
  • Chair pose left leg out
  • Chair post right leg out

With time remaining we headed to the flag for mary

  • American Hammers
  • Spiders
  • LBC’s
  • J-Los



Prayers for Blue and his family


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