Cinder Twins

AO: Atlas

When: 10/22/2019

QIC: Bronco

PAX (6): Frodo, Foley, Windex, GOAT, Gmonkey


Some of the best weather we’ve had was the setup for a cinder-filled beatdown.


We mosey to grab TWO cinders each then head to the football field for some quick weedpickers and SSH.

The Thang:

Now it’s time for action.  We did the following:

  • Goal Line: 100 shrugs
  • 10 Yard Line – 10 plyo-pushups
  • 20 – 20 each arm pulling up
  • 30 – 30 dips
  • 40 – 40 calf raises
  • 50 – 25 derkins and 25 erkins
  • Rinse repeat going back down

After the 6 came through it was time for a farmer carry race.  Foley proved to be the champ and grip strength proved to be the loser.  We take the cinders back and take the stairs up n down before some quick Mary and Recover.


Prayers for all the Pax on the IR – stay smart and safe out there.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Starting to really enjoy the Atlas and Q’ing at the atlas.  Always great guys!

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