Friday OMAHA

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 10/11/2019

QIC: Wideright

PAX (5): Sparky, Tweaker (gimper), Babyface, Yahtzee and Wideright


mosey lap around field

IC – 15x Abe Bogoda’s, 15x Hillbillies, 15x plank jacks and arm circles

The Thang:

Oktirefest – OMAHA, gate was locked

small coupons – 1 for each hand and headed to upper lot

plank for 1 minute, then coupon in left hand extended up for 1 minute and same for right

5x ISO exercises – :3o secs each with coupons in hands (straight out, to the sides, like a skijumper, al gore and straight up)

run a lap, switch coupons to the right and repeat

OMAHA- ditch the small coupons for a lifting coupon

goblet squats up the stairs (2x per stair)

hold coupons John cusack style :30 secs, then 25x kettle swings

ISO hold out front and then Cusak style for 1 minute

swap coupons and repeat

down the satirs with coupons – 2x goblet squats per step

7x al gore squat combos – deep and meaningful 🙂

head to picnic tables for 40x incline merkins and step ups

mosey to flag for 12x hammers (2x counts)


pentagon of trust – prayers for Blu and his Dad (SEMPER FI DAD), yahtzee’s old church family losing a young father/husband and widerights mom closing on her house and moving to Florida and a shout out for watching out for Tommy!


get ready for Tuesday with Wideright , gloves needed Oktirefest!!!!

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