Thank you F3 Greenwood

AO: The Shadow

When: 10/08/2019

QIC: Chain Gang

PAX (15): Radar Scout Green Bean Fireballs Saltlick Quack Cardiac CIA Redbird Switch Madoff Snake Oil Vortex Doppleganger


– Side straddle hop 20x IC
– high knees 20x IC
– wind mill 15x IC
Rinse and Repeat
– 10x Burpees OYO, then 10x Peter Parker pushups
– 10x Bonnie Blairs IC

The Thang:

Thang 1 – Running
– cherokee run to north entrance to back lot
– 20x peter parker push ups OYO
– jail break to the dumpsters
– mosey to track
– 20x Burpees OYO

Thang 2 – Track
– Start at benches
– 50x squats
– run to opposite corner of track
– 20x man makers
– run back
– 30x bonnie blairs
– run back
– 30x squat thrusts with block
– run back
– 20x Spiderman pushups
– run back
– 30x kettle bell swings

  1. Thang 3 – Rock Garden
    – Mosey to garden
    – 10x burpees, 10x peter parker pushups
    – select coupon rock
    – 10x dips with rock x2, then 20x
    – box jumps to top with rock after each set of dips


10x peter parker pushups
Welcome to Doppleganger (tried to call himself Fireballs)
Green Bean took us out

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