The last hot day

AO: The Wreck

When: 10/04/2019

QIC: Bronco

PAX (18): Backside, Foley, Squeak, OJ, Tubs, Hat trick, Doogie, Rooney, Aflac, Squeegee, Goat, Switch, Sellout, Norm, Greasemonkey, Tbone, and FNG "Hookup"


We start with walking a few steps to the big circle for a round of SSH, Weedpickers and Mtn Climbers then the real fun begins.

The Thang:

We take the long mosey to good ‘ol Knoll Woods (stopping at 2 ‘hoods in between to keep everyone together).¬† The plan was simple – 10 Bonnie Blairs at the top of the hill and the following at the bottom as far as you can go:

  • T-bombs x20
  • Merkins x20
  • Big Boys x20
  • J-lows x20
  • Jump Squats x20
  • Werkins x20
  • Hammers x20
  • ¬†Kobe’s x20
  • Plan Jacks x20
  • Burpees x20


Continued thoughts for Switch’s family and Smackdown with a big week coming up.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always enjoy kicking my own ass w/ you guys – today was further proof!

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