fun with Sparky Ch3

AO: The Galaxy

When: 10/04/2019

QIC: Sparky

PAX (6): Venus, ChaChing, Percy, Wide Right, Sparky, Yahtzee




3-1/3 laps Mosey

20 SSH

20 Toy Soldiers

20 arm circles forward

20 arm circles backward


The Thang:

11s – pull-ups and Bonnie Blares (2 count)

3 calf raises on each step

mosey yo get the tires

in teams one guy flips the tire to the first line while other teammate does LBC.  At the first line teammates switch until the tire gets to the second line.  switch tires and head back flipping the tire while doing hammers.  One more time, switch tires and out while doing dying cockroaches.

Still partnered up – one does toe touches on the tire while the other runs a lap around the islands.  next round are big boys on the tire.  last round are hops in and out of the tire.

return the tires and mosey to the flag for one round of Marys



Convergence on 10/19 – Yahtzee to drive

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