Sweat, cardiac and a quack

PAX:  Cashbox, Seles, Scout, Fireball, Snake Oil, Vortex, Big apple, Billboard, Stripper, Suds, Redbird, Cardia (FNG), and Quack (FNG).

QIC: Ricochet

After finishing up the Jewish holidays earlier this week I had eaten way too much and was ready for some suffering. Luckily CIA needed a sub, so I was happy to oblige. It was a hot and sweaty morning but fifteen brave souls showed up. Even CIA dragged himself out after the plague for the workout…. so the pressure was on!

Warm O Rama

SSH 20 (1,2,3)

Imperial Walker 12 (1,2,3)

Windmill (1,2,3) 12

12-count around-the-world lunges x 8 ( Whoa out of breath getting the coordination and counting to 12 doing these… not so easy!)

Mountain Climbers x 20

The Thang

Deconstructed Burpees

Mosey to benches

4 rounds of deconstructed burpees – 10 squats (low!), 10 leg thrusts, 10 Merkins. Increase reps by 1 each round until you get to 13.

200 meter run around front of school for a loop at the each of repeat:

7 of Diamonds

Run around Vanderlyn drive and parking lot to create a diamond configuration.

Round #1 7 burpees at each corner.

Round #2 14 peter parkers at each corner. 

Round #3 21 flutter kicks (1 count per two leg raises) at each corner.


Headed back to the flag pole.

In cadence, plank for 30 seconds, plank on elbows 30 seconds, followed by 12 merkins. Finished off with a mary o rama of pain finishing almost completely around the circle.


It was an honor being Q today. I think everyone had a great full body workout and pushed themselves.

We introduced two new FNGs including Cardiac (whose wife is a cardiac RN) and Quack (who works for COX and lives nearby). I believe Cashbox took us out.

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