Rock n Run

AO: The Rubicon

When: 10/03/2019

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (14): Special K, Cookie, Red Ryder, Devito, Yosemite Sam, Pitstop, Waffles, Heidi, Zima, Miller Time, False Start, Pinkey, Trebek


After celebrating the end of IPC last week with a “fun” ball game I felt I had to bring a little more heat today. Rocktober is on!


The usual.

The Thang:

We mosey to the rock pile to pick up a rock. The usual questions are thrown out, are we traveling with it and what is it for? Q advises this will be moved and used for lifting.

To get back to our start line we start with a 1:4 ratio of squat thrust and lunges across the parking lot. We get to 5:20 but will revisit that.

Today is Greta 1-2-3. Like Dora but with more rock. The pax team up and plan on 100 burpees [do you mean manmakers?], Yes, yes I do mean manmakers. 200 skull crushers and 300 curls. With Greta the first pax carries a rock across the lot (about 100 yards) and leaves it. The second pax hands off the lifting rock and goes to retrieve whatever rock they can get to, trying to avoid the large one that someone picked out.

Did I create a whole playlist of songs with Rock in the title? You know it.
Did my speaker crap out on me again and make it impossible to even hear? Yes it did.

As some finish up and others near 300 curls we call all the rocks back in and start our march back to the rock pile. Back to the squat thrust/lunge starting at 6. [groans are heard which means I met my goal]

Just enough time for LBC and Freddy Mercury


A call for accountability on showing up and stepping up. Check cookies checklist for the quarter and support each other in showing up.

Prayers for finalizing Pitstops house sale and move


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to Cookies M for the muffins and the coffee.

We remember Darth Visor near this solemn anniversary. A reminder to get your checkup and follow your heart health.


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