Rusty’s Complex Q

AO: The Wreck

When: 10/02/2019

QIC: Rusty

PAX (27): Divot, T-Bone, Tubbs, Deadbeat, Wide Right, Windex, Smackdown, Backside, Circus, Polaroid, Rooney, Squeegee, Swamp Donkey, Frodo, Beiber, Turbin, Norm, Red Ryder, Yosemite Sam, AFLAC, Hattrick, Doogie, Tweaker, Bronco, FreePie, Raider


Hot and muggy.  We’re going to try to mix it up and use diagrams to properly outline the complex beatdown.


SSH x 15

Toy Soldier x 15

Imperial Walker x 15

Weed Picker x 15

The Thang:

While in the circle, the Pax got into a plank position.  We played George Harrison’s smash hit “Got My Mind Set On You.”  When the music plays, all Peter Parker.  Every time the song says “Set On You”, the Pax does a merkin.  The song lasted 3 minutes and 38 seconds.  We’re off to a intense start.

Mosey to the football field and partner up.  Partner A does 5 burpees.  He then bear crawls to the 50 yardline, where partner B is doing american hammers.  When partner A arrives, both do 10 diamond merkins, then partner B bear crawls to the opposite goal line while partner A does american hammers.  Partner B then does 5 burpees, then crab walks to the 50 yardline.  When both are there, they do another 10 diamond merkins, then partner A crab walks to the opposite goal line while partner B stays at the 50 to do american hammers.  The team does two rounds.

Mosey to the stadium stairs.  Partner A takes a lap around the football field.  Midway through, he stops and does 10 stone mountains before finishing.  Partner B does step-ups at the wall.  Then they switch.  The goal was 3 rounds, but most only got through 2.

Mosey back to the flag.  We finished with more diamond merkins and big boy situps.


Prayers for Bronco’s co-worker and his family.  Prayer’s for smackdown’s family as they have a lot on their plate right now.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We had 8 for coffee at Crazy Love.

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