Snow Skiing

10 faithful PAX posted this AM. In celebration of the nice cool fall weather, ah… er.. that we hope to come, YHC decided to have us do some early training.

The PAX: Seles, Suds, Big Apple, Vortex, Chain Gang, Saltlick, GreenBean, Fireballs, FNG-Black Sheep, Hatchet

Warm-up: Toy Soldiers IC x 20, Windmills IC x 20, Small arm circles IC x 20, Large arm circles reverse IC x 20. Follow me out Vermack entrance to Womack back into parking lot.

The Thang: Mary: LBC’s IC x 20, Mason Twist IC x 20. 30 snow ski hops, single count over parking lot line, sprint up to upper end of lot for Merkins x 30, 3 times total. plank it up for the six.

Next over to steps for calf raises: regular IC x 30, toes out, heels in x 20, toes in heels out x 20.

Follow me down to near end zone of field for planks- various, then back onto track for more snow skiing- line up, follow me jumping back and forth onto white lane lines. YHC was weak, so we only lasted about 1/3 of the length! Now for some hazing- follow me out to concrete pile! “Everybody grab a…. partner!”. No coupons today. Follow me up to Vanderlyn Rd. for partner work: Partner 1 runs up hill to first light for 10 burpees while partner 2 does merkins. round 2, while partner 2 does LBC’s.

Next: more mary: 6 inch leg raises IC x 20. freddie mercuries IC x 20

line up for lunge walks up-hill IC until Q says halt. Then turn around, backwards run up to light. *lot of traffic this AM- watch for cars. Next:

Downhill snow skiing to bottom of hill. Then more mary: Heels to heaven IC x 20, Box-cutters IC x 20.

Follow me back to coupon pile. Just to say hello- pat your block- it misses you!

Back around to rock garden of pain for: dips IC x 20, one legged squats IC x 10, flap-jack

Up to C.O.T Endex.

Solid work in the 74 degree heat by all. Welcome Black Sheep!- he is from Asheville, working with Hatchet and looking for a home in the area. He’s familiar with F3 Asheville, but has never posted. He describes his family as kind of like the Hell’s Angels, and he is the only Christian in the family. Has several cool tatoos describing his salvation story. Thanks to Suds for taking us out. Manhole- come back soon!



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