Oktirefest – part I

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 10/01/2019

QIC: Wideright

PAX (9): Sparky, Yahtzee, Cha-ching, Tweaker, Blue, Venus, So So Def, Percy and Wideright


mosey to upper lot – IC, 15x weed pickers, 15x armcircles, 20x merkins and 15x imperial walkers


The Thang:

Fun with Tires!

2x groups of 3 and 1 group of 2

each group hasĀ  tire – RACE – 1x lap around the parking lot

toe touches “Mexican hat dance” on the tires for 1x minute

ropes secured to tires and drag to other end of lot and then back to the top, everyone runs to other end and back

squats down the stairs and calf raises up

tires taken to field

drag tires down the field and back

carry the tires down the field

30x count – teeter totters with the tires in groups of 2 – others do hammers

repeat and others do hammers

carry ties back to other end of field

put tires back then 11’s in the upper lot (10x stn mtn’s and 1x Bobby Hurley)

Omaha after round 6/5 and mosey to flag

15x IC freddy mercury’s



prayers for new 2.0’s and their M’s, tweakers Dad, Baby faces friend, Percy’s M and her interview, Secret’s job hunt and praises for our health

SYITG for Oktirefest Part II

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