Nature Centered

6 lucky PAX got doused with the humid weather Saturday AM. Manhole asked YHC if I could cover for him late Friday- so the workout was a little unplanned- but nothing out of the ordinary for me.

The PAX: Fireballs, Suds, CIA, Mr. Clean, Madoff, GreenBean

Warm-a-Rama: SSH IC x 20, Squalkers IC x 10, MC’s IC x 20, hold for Merkins IC x 5, Low Slow Squats x 20

Rinse and repeat with IW’s.

Follow me- down to nature center, keep following, up past the playground, out to Wyntercreek neighborhood exit, but dead end- turn around, keep following- finally exit onto cul-de-sac. Plank it up- various, into Merkins IC x 5. Low-slow-squats x 20, Mary.

Follow me up and around trying to find other nature center back entrance. Plank it up for the six once or twice. Finally find entrance- plank it up again, into Diamond Merkins x 5, Low-slow squats x 20, Mary- Mason Twist x 20, LBC’s x 20, High leg raises x 20?

Follow me back through Nature Center to Treehouse of pain for dips IC x 15, step ups IC x 15, dips ic x 10, step ups ic x 10.

Follow me back uphill past Nature Center main building entrance, up to trail parallel to road to top of hill. Plank it up, into Werkins? x 5, low slow squats x 20. follow me to holly bank circle for backwards run into back Austin entrance. enough time for 1 more excercise?

Sorry for poor memory- I’m getting old.

Mr. Clean took us out: Prayers for Manhole- quick recovery from his infusion therapy and hope to see you back soon. Also prayers for Hatchet- pulled a calf muscle last week (Seles’ fault!). and Sleeper- has a sleeping in problem.

Fireballs and Madoff threatened to complete part 4 of the IPC!

Solid work to all those who participated. Results should be out soon!

4 for coffeeteria.


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