Rubicon Calvinball

AO: The Rubicon

When: 09/26/2019

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (14): White Claw, Pinkey, Krueger, Devito, Tophat, Cookie, Special K, Miller Time, Pitstop, False Start, Waffles and welcome Trophy and Sleepy in from Savannah


Rubicon saw great numbers and participation for Iron Pax this month and with one spot left in the month I wanted to have a little fun to celebrate the finish. There was still talk of soreness this morning as we gathered. Tophat gets his pre run done with over 3 miles and RNG White Claw jogs in from home.


Jog to FOD for SSH, WP, and IWs

The Thang:

Today we were going to play a little ball. I tried to explain Calvinball but I guess I was the only one that read the comics page my entire childhood.

We started with some basic rules and expanded after each inning. It was apparent very quickly this may fail with minimal lights but let’s see how it goes.

Inning 1 – 3 outs or 3 runs ends the half inning. Batters will pitch their own balls. A run has the fielding team doing 10 merkins. An out has the batting team doing 10 merkins. In the dark, runs are easier than outs.
It is also established, when YHC has two swings and a miss, that you do 10 burpees if you strike yourself out. (I hit the next one)

Inning 2 – Squats, new rules: ball in hand stops the runners. (Not easy to throw anyone out) Bunt/Hit strategies and fielding placements begin to take shape.

Inning 3 – LBCs. Ball must be infield to stop the play.

Inning 4 – back to merkins. Batter must run backwards between bases. This helps produce a few more outs as the field runs down bases.

We hit time and head back to the flag with a tie game. A quick penalty shoot out gives Team 1 the official win. Tophat (courtesy of his M) hands out participation trophies/cupcakes to everyone.

I should have incorporated the soccer ball.


Fill up October and if you are in need of an actual workout this week then hit Widowmaker

TNT is brought to us by Pinkey. He shared a story about David Seville who has connections (and a degree) from Clemson and is from Norcross. 

The quote from his homecoming that stood out is: “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.”
You can do so much when your attitude is good. The key is recognizing when you have the bad attitude and taking the steps within that moment to adjust. It makes things better for your family and your work to approach everything with the right attitude.

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