Man, I’m TIRED

AO: The Galaxy

When: 09/20/2019

QIC: Blue

PAX (5): SoSoDef, WideRight, Sparky, Speedo


Double-down on the Disclaimer as unfamiliar with the new equipment:


Run 3/4 lap around park, up the steep steps, meet me at tires in middle of parking lot.


The Thang:

Exercises commenced the following: Continuous flips, Tire Box Jumps, Tire Push Ups, Double Hops, Hop Overs, Hop Ups Tire Plank Climbs, Tire Dips,  Glute Bridges, Tire Sit Ups, In & Out Jumps, Partner Pushes, Partner Tire squats, Sprint Pulls, Tire Carries, and Tire Rope Pulls and 3 mosey laps around the parking lot.

Mosey down the steep stairs, take the Blue-Cut to the shovel flags, Mary to 6:15


Safety for Tweaker travels, and his family.

F3 Alpha’s Fall Convergence is Saturday Oct. 19th at #gladiator. 

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