Doogie Beatdown

AO: The Wreck

When: 09/23/2019

QIC: Doogie

PAX (29): Raider, Switch, Windex, Foley, T-Bone, Sprocket, Tubbs, Free Pie, Yankee, Bear, Smackdown, Rooney, Grease Monkey, Divot, Sell-out, Swamp Donkey, Squeegee, Whiteclaw, Sparky, Moped, Norm, Wide Right, Frodo, Rusty, Caffeine, Aflac, Goat, Booter, Doogie


Mosey to Gym parking lot

Warm up: Side Straddle Hop, Mountain Climbers, Weed pickers

Mosey to the Hill

The Thang:

7’s on the Hill- Stone Mountains at Bottom & Big boys at Top

Mosey to Football Field

Partner Up:  Team completes 200 Merkins, 200 T-Bombs, & 200 jump squats.  Partner 1 starts on the cumulative reps while partner 2 bear crawls to 20 yard line, runs to 50 yard line & returns.  Continue to rotate until all reps are complete

3 sprints- Run to 20 yard line @ 50%, then to far goal line @ 100%

Lung walk 50 yards, jog to goal line

Mosey to playground for 12 pull-ups

Mosey to flag for two rounds of Mary:  Peter Parkers & something else…


1 FNG: TBone

Prayer Requests:  Sprocket’s Family and Swamp Donkey’s Friend (Joanne)

Atlas and Bandit tomorrow

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