Devito Double Week 1

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 09/21/2019

QIC: Devito

PAX (8): Miller Time, Hamburgler, Ha-ha, Nacho Libre, Pinkey, Sculley, Pumba, Devito


This was the first of 2 Saturdays of Devito Double for Widowmaker.  Miller Time was the only one to join for the Twisted Surprise pre-run.  Sculley and Ha-ha hit the trails for AlphaRuck.  Cougar showed up around 0615 to find no one still there, so ran on his own, but had to leave before the beat down.


We took off from the lot around the loop and down the hill.  Warmed up with in cadence SSH, imperial walkers and slow weed pickers.

The Thang:

First up, we moved over to the restroom building and partnered up.  Partner does BTTW while partner B knocks out 30 monkey humpers.  Flap jack and complete 3 full rounds.  With all wrapped, we headed back to the base of the hill for what I called Around Your Ass to Your Elbow.  At the command Go, everyone sprints up the hill.  At the command of Down, stop, do 3 burpees and crab walk back down the hill.  Continue until we all reach the top.  Next up, we moseyed over to the playground.  Each set totaled 20 reps.  Set 1 was 10 pull-ups and 10 merkins.  Set 2 was 8 pull-ups and 12 merkins.  Continue sets until 0 pull-ups and 20 merkins.  Following a quick 10 count recovery, we ran over to the parking lot by the bridge tunnel.  We partnered up again and selected one coupon per team for a rock dora.  100 man-makers, 200 shoulder presses and 300 curls.  Time was nearly up at this point, so we ran back to the flag for a couple minutes of mary to wrap up.


  • Prayers for PAX for whom life’s challenges are coming to pass at the moment.
  • Need some Q’s out on the Widowmaker schedule.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Was great to have a break from the heat this morning and a quality crew of HIM’s to boot.  Always an honor.

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