Dual meet

AO: The Shadow

When: 09/12/2019

QIC: SnakeOil

PAX (18): 12 Main Event: CIA, Green Bean, Moses, Novocain, Rambo, Stripper, Hatchet, Dorian, Madoff, Radar, Red Bird, Fireballs 5 IronPax: Manhole, Grasshopper, Ricochet, BigApple, Lumberjack


10 each & repeat:  SSH, Stone Mtn, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climbers

The Thang:


  •  Cherokee around lots to pit of misery
  •  Partner & Press:
    • pick partner. pick rock. partnerA bear crawls & runs front walk while partnerB bench presses rock
    • 4 rounds each with bench press:  Feet flat, 6″ leg raises, 90* knees, scissors
  •  Mosey to flag pole for Mary:  10 each side and flapjack
    •  horizontal toy soldier, leg crossovers, plank shoulder taps, side plank crossovers, butterfly leg raises, LBCs
  •  Mosey to front benches:  2 rounds of 10 and 20 each dips and step ups
  • Mosey scenic way back to parking lot

IronPax SIDE SHOW: see this week’s post



I have a few F3 window stickers if anyone wants one as donated by Moses.

Don’t forget to post your IronPax times for week2.

Moses prayed for our leadership skills to go beyond our mornings together into our family, work, and community lives.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Still hurting from Tue’s IronPax.

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