IPC Blow Out (Norseman)

AO: The Norseman

When: 09/10/2019

QIC: Nacho Libre

PAX (7): Nacho Libre, Ha-ha, Callahan, Beaker, Groupie, Pumba, and Stu


Iron Pax Challenge Week 2 – This week it was determined early that more than 45 minutes was needed.  To accommodate we started at 5:15 AM with notification on Slack yesterday.  It was a good test to see who is paying attention to our comz.  Turned out all (our pax are) getting notifications or checking in.  (Miller Time Rubicon Backblast)


Mosey over to the High School Track and grab some coupons.

The Thang:

IPC week 2 – Some brief directions were provided and we began. (Callahan) music was all Jacked up this morning so the Q got a late start fumbling around with some stubborn glitchy software.

10X – ManMakers
20x – Press
30X – Kettle swings
40 X – Squats
50 X – Incline Mercans

Run after each cycle of above starting with 1600 Meters and dropping 400 Meters each time for four cycles.  (Miller Time Rubicon Backblast)


Prayers for Beakers school as they have an overnight retreat this week.

Continued prayers for Stu and his family.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • MumbleChatter was very minimal, sweat puddles were everywhere, Empathy was felt for (everyone).
  • Credit to (Beaker) (1st with sub 35 minutes) and (Callahan way) behind him.  They busted it hard.
  • Credit to (Stu) for doing this IPC two days in a row.  Clearly he was repenting for bad behavior over the weekend.
  • Thanks to (Beaker) for bringing his easel white board combo
  • Not everyone finished but everyone worked hard
  • Thanks to (Saint Francis) for the cinder donations.  We got (a bunch of) shiny new toys (and don’t need a place to store them).
  • (Special thanks to Miller Time for writing this great backblast that YHC was able to copy and paste! )

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