Meatloaf’s Massacre

17 PAX suffered through Week 2 of the Iron PAX Challenge. *My whole body feels like Mealoaf now. Thanks to Manhole and Sleeper for getting the 18 coupons (however, 19 were needed- thanks to Rambo for giving up his block and getting a rock from the rock pile!).

The PAX: GreenBean, Manhole, Moses, Novocaine, Leon, Fireballs, Chaingang, SnakeOil, Rambo, Dorian (DNF), Stripper, CIA, Hatchet, Cashbox, Big Apple, Radar, Suds

Warm-a-Rama: none

The Thang: 4 rounds for time

10 Manmakers, 20 Overhead Presses, 30 Kettle Bell Swings, 40 Goblet Squates, 50 Incline Merkins

Run 1 mile (each round take off 400 meters (1 lap)).

Tcplaps to Moses and Hatchett for crushing it. Also to Fireballs and all those who focused on form.

It’s just You vs. You out there.

Big Tclaps to SnakeOil and ChainGang and Manhole for sticking it out for the six and running the final lap finishing around 1:05 with Suds!

*Don’t forget to post your times on


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