AO: The Galaxy

When: 09/10/2019

QIC: Tweaker

PAX (9): Tweaker, Blue, Wideright, Sparky, Cha-Ching, SosoDef, Percy, Speedo, Babyface


This am we had a musical chairs type of Q.  QIC prepared 36 songs at 1-1:30 min in lengh of multiple Genres.  Each Genre has a separate type of workout assigned.   No break between songs and as many reps as possible on each.

  • Alternative – Chest
  • Country – Legs
  • Female Artist – Core
  • Hair Metal – Coupon work
  • Thrash – Cardio
  • Rock – Runs

The Thang:


Thursday is the one year anniversery of the galaxy.   Special one year bd come one come all.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • Prayers to those effected by Hurricane Dorian especailly those in The Bahamas.
  • Remembrance of the lifes lost on 9/11 on this 18 year anniversary of the attack.
  • Prayers for my wife and son as i leave Saturday to spend two weeks in Finland.

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