Fun with Coupons

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 09/06/2019

QIC: Wideright

PAX (3): Sparky and Babyface


disclaimer and mosey

13x each IC (arm circles forward and back, weedpickers, windmills, hillbillies and merkins)

mosey to bottom of stairs

The Thang:

bottom of first stairs, choose lifting coupons

mosey to second stairs, choose small coupons (one for each hand)

mosey to first stairs and 30x reps (cha-ching number) of curls

mosey up first stairs and down second stairs

1 minute of cross hold palms down (coupons in each hand)

mosey up second stairs and down first stairs

rinse and repeat with these exercises:

Lifting coupons; overhead press, squats, bench press, (combo WWI sit up and V ups-whew!!!), rows and straight arm raises

small coupons; straight arms in front, bent over tricep extensions, cross palms up, superman and reverse superman

return coupons and mosey to flag, TIME!


triangle of trust (only 3 of us)

prayers for wideright’s mom 67th bday and for house inspection to pass.

primary (9/5 visitor) travels back to Savannah with M and 2.0’s

all those affected by storm and unspoken’s


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