Sparky’s fill in Q

AO: The Galaxy

When: 09/03/2019

QIC: Sparky

PAX (8): Speedo, Wide Right, tweeker, ChaChing, Venus, BabyFace, So So Def, Sparky


Disclaimer, I am not a professional, F3, East Cobb park is not liable for injuries.  Modify as needed


Warm up was a Burlap.  4 stations around a 1/3 mile loop. Starting with 13 Burpees, 12, 11, 10 all the way down to 1.  Total of 3 loops (1 mile).

The Thang:

Team up in pairs – with lifting coupons.  One member runs a partial loop (sans coupon) while the other starts on 300 curls.  After that 300 squats, laying on a bench 300 presses.  Times up, back to the flag.


Announcements – Anniversary BD next week.

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