Sept. 4

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 09/04/2019

QIC: Wreck

PAX (23): Aflac, Rusty, Norm, FreePie, Yankee, OJ, Sprocket, Dorian, Zima, Tubbs, WarChicken, Bear, Deadbeat, SellOut, GreaseMonkey, Rooney, BackSide, Beiber, SwampDonkey, Squegee, DD, Bronco, Divot


Slow mosey to the parking lot in front of the football fields with 15 weed pickers, 15 hillbillies and 15 side straddle hops. Then “around the world” push ups – 40 in total.

Headed to the football field to wake up the legs. Backwards run the whole field, then forwards, karaoke run to the 50 and switch sides then sprint back.

The Thang:

It was time for a lifting coupon so we headed to the pile.

John Cusack the coupon to the wall around the baseball field for 20 leg step ups and 20 dips. Continued with the coupon up the stairs (stadiums) to the top of the mountain for 20 Romain Deadlifts, 20 squats and 20 skull crushers.  Dropped the coupon and mosey’d to the railing for some “Marta’s” down to the bottom of the mountain for 10 pullups, 20 decline merkins and 20 incline merkins. Then back to the wall near the baseball diamond to attempt to complete 6 rounds.

When time caught up with the PAX the coupons were returned and performed the Indian run back to the flag. That’s a wrap.


Many PAX are running in a race this upcoming weekend. Prayers for those affected by Dorian.

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