Worst way to go down the stairs

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 08/31/2019

QIC: Zohan

PAX (5): Dosido, Saint2O, Stu, Sculley, Zohan


2 for Pre-ruck, 3 for Pre-run

Really awesome weather for a beatdown. I’m still carrying with me lessons and memories of the GrowRuck last week.


A quick mosey with a bit of high knees, ass kickers and bernie sanders.

SSH x15, Hill Billies x15, The Windmill x10, Hands off Merkins x10, Moutain Climbers x15, Crolina Dry Docks x10, Squats x10


The Thang:

Sprints and core in the soccer field. 20 Sit Ups in each of the 4 corners, 20 American Hammers in the middle of the ling ends. Sprints in between.



We moseyed to a nearby parking lot that has some coupon options nearby. We picked up heavy coupons for slow moving. We lined up the coupons and took a few steps back.

5 rounds of – Bear Crawl to the coupon, 4 lunges with the coupon and 1 squat (a.k.a Lt. Dan). Put the coupon in place and run back to the starting line. Every round the coupons get farther away for a longer Bear Crawl. Since the Q ended up being the six, the other PAX added 6th round. Respect!

We put the big coupons in place and took medium ones.

Round 1 – IC Curls, Shoulder Presses, Skull Crashers and Rows. X15 each.

We put down the coupons for IC Sun Gods 10 forward and 10 backwards

Round 2 – same exercises as round 1 X10 each.

We put down the coupons for 10 Moroccan Night Club

Round 3 – same exercises, X5 quick tempo.



We run back to the stairs next to the soccer field. The Q had a great idea to Derkin our way down, one Derkin on each step. Somewhere down the middle we realized it was a terrible idea but we pushed through it. It was painful.

Next exercise included 50 Climbing Planks, Donkey Kicks and Dips. After 25 reps of one exercise bunny hop to the top of the stairs and run down, for 6 runs total.

*Climbing Planks (Q not aware of a formal name) – start in plank position next to a wall. Bring one hand up on the wall, then the other (to an Erkin position). Go back down.



We moseyed to the center of the soccer field. Each corner was assigned an exercise – 20 Merkins, 20 Wide Merkins, 20 Bonnie Blairs and 20 Jump Squats. After each corner go through the middle of the field for 5 Burpees.



LBCs X30, Flatter Kicks x10, Gas Pampers x10. Time.



Our prayers to the people in Florida and elsewhere in the course of the storm. Good luck to out brothers who are training for the BRR next week.

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