Nobody skips leg day (and arms)

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 08/30/2019

QIC: wideright

PAX (5): Sparky, Blue, Tweaker and Babyface


Mosey to upper lot. IC 15x – Arm Circles, weedpicker, hillbillies and toy soldier

The Thang:

mosey to coupons and over to covered pavilion

30x each of – curls w/coupon, squats w/cp, overhead press w/cp, dips (w or w/o cp), skull crushers w/cp, derkins

up the stairs, 3x calf raises per step, down the other stairs, 2 squats per step

rinse repeat, 20x reps

rinse repeat 10x reps

rinse repeat 5x reps

return coupons

new exercise in field, Jerkins (Jlow and then a merkin = 1 rep) 30x on your own

Mosey up the stairs and then down the stairs, mosey to flag

mary – 16x hammers, 16x dying cockroaches and 10x monkey humpers all IC


pray/praise for tweakers family/friends returning from 5x year missionary stay and returning to work force in Mississippi

2.0’s and unspoken prayers, discipleship and being better fathers, husbands, sons, and F3 Brothers


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