Simplicity at the Track. Gloves and Rope at the Flag.

AO: The Hooch

When: 08/21/2019

QIC: Homer

PAX (19): Cougar, Popper, Splinter, Meat Ball, Pooh Bear, Sunshine, Scrooge, Saint2.0, Dawn, Flo, Piggy, Zohan, Boomer, Ready Mix, Hamburglar, Ball Boy, Spanx, Gramps, Homer


Gloves were recommended (on twitter, because we don’t use slack) but were deposited in a pile at the rear of YHC’s mother in law’s really nice PT Cruiser. They would come back into play when we returned to the flag… if they weren’t stolen by the time we returned.

No Mosey around the lot because YHC already knew that the PAX would not be pleased with the running involved later on. Quick SSH (for Scrooge) Weedpickers, and copperhead squats. Start a mosey to the track.

The Thang:

Dawn coming it hot as we ran… somehow he caught up with us and found us.

I’ve been getting stronger with the running part of fitness, and led the pax on the LONG way through the parking lot to the track. Only change up was a Bernie Sanders parking lot… really just to keep the pax together, but YHC saw that we had a strong group of runners today, so we kept up the pace to the track.

Upon assembly at the track, we each found a buddy. At this point, YHC realized we had gained someone along the way (Dawn) because we now had odd numbers. Explanation of our morning:

“partner up… we each need a buddy.”

I’ve found the ability to accelerate my first F is directly a result of having someone beside me. I push more if there is someone right there with me. 11’s are fun to do by yourself. Partner Dora exercises definitely have their place. For me, acceleration has happened in a team setting. When Splinter picked up the six as we were running from place to place and made sure I was good. When Ball boy, literally carried me on his back in those first posts. When Tigger showed up for the lion food shield lock run… I’ve been patiently waiting to get the track back from the Camp All American folks, so that I could lead something that would force us to stay together as partners, but push us all as a big team/group.

So I explained the exercise was going to involve running a lap, then doing 10 Merkins, 10 Squats. Then run a lap and do 9 of each. Descending to 1. When the front of the pax get’s done early, they get to do another lap and pick up the 6. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to chat with Zohan and Dawn while we were running the track, but I also really enjoyed a group of 19 guys running as a group today after a hard work out.

We mosey’d back toward the flag. Slowing down at Homer’s Donut, just to keep the group together. No intention to do the donut because I wanted a rested pax for some tug of war fun at the flag.

WHICH was fun. Grab your gloves and let’s do some tug of war.

My thoughts on tug of war: A bunch of us get to experience the second F together as we sit around and chat about leadership principals around coffee. To me, these moments are just as valuable in my acceleration of my first F. Teaming up on the rope was meant as a moment to push ourselves in a different way as individuals and as a team. You can American Hammer all you want in your basement, but it’s difficult to lean back in to a rope, work your legs and arms, and play tug of war as an individual.

We finished with a few moments of Mary. Ask Scrooge what his favorite was.


Prayers for work related situation and some health issues. We discussed (and decided) ceasing our Friday morning H0.0ch beatdown at the Perimeter Pavilion and are moving to PTC (The Bridge) beginning this Friday. Official announcement and launch of The Bridge to be determined. Making this move on Fridays allows the PAX to better support a new location short term as we grow it, and long term gives another option a few miles down the road.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Having someone beside you to push you is great. Taking the step out to lead pushes you even more. If you’ve not led this great group of men, do so. You’ll push harder on those lead days and definitely see the difference it makes. If you’ve not done a Q in a while (or ever) it is time.

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