Club Toss and Ladder Trio

AO: The Wreck

When: 08/21/2019

QIC: Circus

PAX (27): Aflac, Switch, Sprocket, Free Pie, Norm, Windex, Wide Right, Shooter, Deadbeat, Tweaker, Grease Monkey, Ariel, Crab Legs, Backside, Tubbs, Divot, Mayhem, Moped, Bronco, OJ, Rooney, Raider, Chalupa, Swamp Donkey, and Bear


Moseyed from the flag to the parking lot next to the multi-purpose fields and circled up for a brief F3 disclaimer and the following exercises:

Side Straddle Hops
Toy Soldiers
Imperial Walkers
Cotton Pickers
Slow Squats
Slow Merkins

We then moved over to one of the fields for the main event.

The Thang:

Juggling Club Toss

Volunteers take turns tossing a juggling club into the air and letting it land on the turf. If the tip of the club points to the north end of the field, the Pax performs a set of 6 Burpees, if the club points south, it’s a set of 10 Big Boys, and if the direction of the club is indiscernible, then it’s a lap around the field. Extra credit: if the volunteer can juggle all three clubs for one round, he earns an audible exercise of his own choosing for the PAX to perform.

After 12 rounds, we ended up with possibly 8 sets of 6 Burpees, 2 sets of Big Boys, and 2 laps around the field!

Ladder Trio

First routine:
From the goal line, Bear crawl 10 yards up the field and perform 10 American Hammers. Rinse and repeat up the field four times with both exercises, adding 2 more reps of AH for every additional 10 yards of BC. Upon reaching the 50-yard line, reverse and repeat back down to the goal, ie crawl bear (backward bear crawl) 10 yards and performing 2 less AH with each set.

Second routine:
Same concept as above but with 10 yards Walking Lunges and incremental increases of Big Boys. Then reverse and repeat with Reverse Lunges with decreasing reps of BB.

Third Routine:
The similar concept again but this time the PAX partnered up for Side Step Squats and Bro-kins (Merkin with an alternating patty-cake partner hand-slap at the top of the press).

Halfway through this routine, with time was running short, we started our way back to the flag.


Sprocket leading F3 tomorrow morning at 0630 hours at CLC

Naked-Man Moleskin:

In The Wreck fashion, 27 PAX showed up for this morning’s low mosey beatdown, which is truly astonishing. I personally enjoyed the energy that a large PAX brings. As always, it is truly an honor to lead a workout, especially for such a strong PAX! Thank you for showing up and welcome to our FNG Madoff!

Circus – Out

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