All the Benches of Dunwoody Nature Center

AO: The Shadow

When: 08/17/2019


PAX (7): Seles, Fireballs, Radar, Manhole, Suds, CIA



68 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, a perfect summer morning to visit all the benches in Dunwoody Nature Center.


2 sets (12 x SSH, 12 x Imperial Walkers,  12 x Mtn Climbers)
Mosey to benches at Austin.

The Thang:

using the bench: 3 sets (12 x dips, 12 x step ups, 12 x Bench Crunch)

Quick mosey to lower DNC benches

using the bench: 3 sets (12 x derkins, 12 x box jumps, 12 x LBC with feet on bench)

Mosey to stumps (a rustic bench)

11’s Dips/6 to Stump squats

Mosey to hut

2 sets (5 x pull up, 6 to Bench squat)

Mosey back to Benches

2 sets x (12 x Derkin Stn Mtn, 6 x Explosive Stepups, 12 x Bench Crunch)

Mosey up to parking lot hill

Mary – 17 x box cutter, 17 x lbc, 12 x low flutter, 12 x scissor, 17 x american hammer

Mosey up to hill

Jacobs ladder – 7/1 burpee at top, SSH when done

Mosey to tables at Austin

2 sets (12 x derkins, 6/6 single leg squat, 12x Bench Crunch)

20 OYO Derkins


The Butterfly Festival cut down the number of benches we got to visit but it still felt like a good workout to me.

Radar took my instructions to heart when he selected a stump taller them him to use for his dips and 6 to Stump squats.

We had to call an audible on the Jacobs ladder because of the traffic and use the flat part of the hill. I felt like I short changed the Pax today. I am sure they were disappointed as well.

Thank you to Manhole for taking us out.

Sorry for the late post.


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