TheGirlFriends A”Muse”ed the men at The Pound

AO: The Pound

When: 08/17/2019

QIC: Ha-ha

PAX (8): Stroke Seat, Top Hat, Pumba, He-he, Ha-ha, Flat Tire, Wham-o, Frenchy


Launching a new F3 AO is aways fun. Mix in some college HIMs and visitors from out of town and you have a party!

Top Hat, Pumba and YHC made the trip from Alpharetta to The Classic City for the first Saturday workout at the UGA Intramural Fields. This is a BIG AO with softball and soccer fields, a parking deck, a lake with a big dam hill and trails through the woods.

The Alpharetta men arrived early to scope out the facilities and by 6:50 the Athens men were arriving. Flat Tire from Pooler was there along with his 2 x college age 2.0s. My 2.0 got up early on a Saturday morning as well. FNG Dale was there. I gave a disclaimer at about 6:58 and at 7:00 we started.


We started from the parking deck around the soccer field to the parking lot at the left of the entrance when you come in. When we got to the truck, no FNG! That is the fastest I have ever scared off an FNG! He didn’t make it to Warm-o-rama.

Irish Goodbye:

Slinking away early from a Workout (or other Event) without telling anybody you are leaving.

So I sent a recon out for the FNG (which came back empty) while we circled up:

  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Imperial Walkers


The Thang:

The Girlfriends

The Girlfriends love meeting new people! So they could not stay away from a whole new group of guys in Athens!

We partnered up for Music Dora with music being supplied by Muse for this morning. While one partner performs the exercise for the song the other partner runs to the far end of the parking lot and around a light pole and back. Flap jack exercise and running on return so partner 2 runs and partner 1 exercises. Rinse and repeat until the next song starts. New song, new exercise, same running.

Playlist went like this. All exercises with #TheGirlfriends except Merkins.

Song   Exercise
Plug in Baby 03:38 Kettlebell Swing
Pressure 03:55 Squat Press
Supermassive Black Hole 03:32 Hammer Curls
Knights of Cydonia 06:07 Squat w/ bag
Dead Inside 04:22 Skull Crusher
Propaganda 03:00 Sumo Deadlift
Madness 04:41 Overhead Press
Uprising 05:04 Lunge w/ bag
The Handler 04:33 Bent Over Row
Drill Sergeant 00:21 (Return Girlfriends to truck)
Psycho 05:16 Merkins

After the Merkins we mosied back to the flag for 6 Minutes of Mary:

  • LBC
  • Flutter
  • Oblique Left and Right
  • T-Bomb
  • Freddie Mercury


Naked-Man Moleskin:

They guys in The Classic City have a good start to The Pound. Strong men looking to better themselves. Now were did Dale go?

7 PAX for coffeteria at WAHO.

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