Merkin Crawler Failure

PAX: Saint2O, Ballboy, Splinter, Flo, Homer, Stickers, Pooh Bear, Hollywood, Meatball, Piggy, Popper, Ready-mix, Sunshine, Cougar (FNG), Spanx (FNG), Feathers, Animal, Boomer, Scrooge

QIC: Scrooge

YHC grabbed the Q and was happy to see the post-summer Hooch numbers increasing, not to mention a couple FNGs!

WARMUP: Mosey the PL, stop a little short and circle up. We did some Windmills, Imperial Walkers, Squats & SSHs to get things going.

THANG 1: Mosey from the PL to JCHS side walk for some Merkin Crawlers. Here’s how is went down. Along the sidewalk are some light posts. PAX must start with 5 Merkins, 5 Werkins, 5 Diamond Merkins and then 5 Ranger Merkins and bear crawl to the second light post. Rinse and repeat the Merkin routine then walking lunges to the next light post. Rinse and repeat and back to bear crawls. By the time we reached the bridge, there was Merkin failure.

We then broad jumped the bridge and did some various Mary for the six, then Mosey to monkey-humper hill.

THANG 2: Odd numbered group, which means it was 11s today. Start with 10 star jumps at the bottom and 1 plank-jack at the top. FNG Spanx went for some extra credit and was doing Plank-jack Merkins. Way to step it up! Finished in time and Mosey’d back to the PL, collecting the six along the way.

MARY: Finished up with a couple mary exercises, LBCs, gas pumpers and gas flutters seemed to be a fitting ending.

COT: Prayers for some medical things with PAXs, Growruck happening soon and some stressful work situations.

Always an honor brothers.


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