AO: Atlas

When: 08/20/2019

QIC: Bronco

PAX (10): Virginia Slim, Rusty, Squeegee, Free Pie, Foley, Tumbleweed, Frodo, Thud, Grease Monkey


Always wanted to Q the atlas to do something different but the ‘ol neck issue prevented it for a while.  Today was the day to see what the skinny lanky guy could bring to the table!


Slow mosey to past the coupon pile for:

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 C-pickers

The Thang:

Pax all directed to grab a cinder (2 unlucky ones ended up with 50# atlas stones) and head to the football field to partner up.  We Cusak from one end to the other on the track doing chest press every 10 yards.  Finally we come to a hault at the far corner where the following ensued:

  • Partner 1 does 5 plyo pushups (cinders on each side – pushup in middle to then get hands on the blocks then pushup and end up back down on turf – that’s 1) while Partner 2 does jump squats til finish
    • Switch and then repeat.
    • Cusak to the next corner with Chest presses every 10
  • Partner 1 does 10 pushups with the Cinder on their back (carefully placed by P2) while Partner 2 does 10 Romanian deadlifts
    • Switch and then repeat (this time with 10 deadlifts as the count)
    • Cusak to next corner chest press every 10
  • Partner 1 does 15 kettle bell swings while partner 2 does arm raise squats (raise arms when going down for the squat)
    • Switch and then repeat
    • Cusak to next corner chest press every 10
  • Partner 1 does 20 curls while partner 2 does skull crushers (this got interesting with the Atlas stones)
    • Switch then repeat
    • Cusak to center of the field

At midfield we circle up and everyone on their six for a round of dealer’s choice.  Everything from Big Boys to Round the Worlds to Elf on the Shelf to bench were called.

We then cusak back past the coupon pile with about 10 minutes to go.  All pax line up at the 2nd tree and do bear crawls to the next-to-last tree while pulling their coupon along.  Down and back.

The clock was close and we get back to the flag for about 2 minutes of Mary.  Spent.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

If you haven’t tried Atlas get on it.  If today told me anything it’s that i need more of it.  Gracias to Foley for rallying the troups and pumped all you guys came out.

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