Mucho Macho Chesto Mile

AO: The Gladiator

When: 08/15/2019

QIC: Tebow

PAX (20): Laces, Twitch, Blackbox, Wikka Wikka, Mailbox, Moonshine, Cheneral, Bo Knows, Scratch Off, Nugget, Viking, Atari, Scar, DC2, Shrinkage, Spandex, Mufasa, Stud Finder, Brownie


The heat from Tuesday broke a little to where it was only mildly insanely humid and 17 PAX braved the gloom for a Thebow Thursday.  We had a nice crew of late arrivals to give us a nice even 20.  YHC was relieved as I didn’t want to lose my reputation of pulling the big crowd!


A quick mosey to the parking lot on the other side of the rec center and we circled up for some quick SSH, Hillbillies and Mountain Climbers.  We headed to the pavilion over by the tennis courts and picked up the stragglers on the way.

At the pavilion we did hammered out 2 rounds of 20 step ups, 20 dips, and 20 derkins (changed out derkins for leg raises on the 2nd round and went to 6 counts on the step ups).

The Thang:

Next up was a Mucho Macho Chesto Mile.  The PAX hit each corner of the field and did ascending reps of merkins. 5, 10, 15, 20 for a total of 50.  Rinse and repeat with diamond merkins, werkins, staggered merkins, and finally hand release merkins… YHC immediately regretted the hand release merkins.  This one hurt but now we’re one step closer to getting our own A cups!

When most of the PAX had filed in the Q called it and we headed over to the hill by the flag for one of YHC’s favorites, 11’s.  Time for some Mucho Leg-0.  Bonnie Blairs at the bottom and jump squats at the top.  No one busted their ass on the wet grass so that was a plus.

As the gazelles finished up, we gathered at the flag for a quick circle burp, this was definitely an exercise for Bo Knows as he really made sure everyone was getting their cardio in before he finally and mercifully called down… I’ve never been so happy to be doing a burpee.  A few calls of Mary and that was time.


Thanks from Cheneral for the prayers for his wife.  Prayers for Viking as he leads a group of teenagers on a retreat this week.  A lot of praises today which is awesome! – Postal has been spotted looking healthy around the neighborhood, DC2 started his new job this week and is off to a good start, and YHC got an offer after a stressful year with an unstable organization and will start a new role in September. And prayers for a speedy recovery for Mufasa… it just wasn’t natural to him hitting the short course on a run.

Thanks as always for the opportunity to lead this incredible group of men. Thanks for being my tribe.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

The Q forgot to mention it at the BD, but wanted to bring up 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, a popular verse at weddings but after getting gut checked by pastor Stanley this past Sunday has really been trying to live it in his relationships, not just with the M but with all of those close to me.  If anyone wants to check it out, the link is below:


Tebow out

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