Just watch ‘ol Bandit run…

AO: The Bandit

When: 08/06/2019

QIC: SwampDonkey

PAX (12): Foley, Free Pie, Banjo, Turbine, Bieber, Rewind, DD, Chalupa, Chelsea, Scar, GusGus (FNG)


Welcome to the first running of The Bandit – here, have a sticker.


We are gonna run, so we will warm up by running to the running part

The Thang:

We left the lot headed along the access road to the main LT park, we took a hard right to the main trail. We stayed on the main long loop, around the pond too, circling for the Six at the pond and occasionally on the back half. Some broke off for home at the split at the main park, others did an out and back along the upper section of trail for some bonus distance finishing right on time.
Short ~ 3mi
Long ~ 4.3mi

Naked-Man Moleskin:

No secret that I love to run. No secret that I love F3. Having been talking about an AO on the west side of Roswell for a while, when Turbine and I started talking again – a Tue run just made a lot of sense. There are a lot of runners in our group and we are gaining more and more options around us. Appreciate the energy and interest and excited to see where this thing goes.

SwampDonkey westbound and down…

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