Week #3 at the Soon to be Named PTC AO

AO: The Bridge

When: 08/08/2019

QIC: Homer

PAX (3): Ball Boy, The Dab, Homer


YHC really wasn’t sure how many if anyone else would show this morning and was prepared to do something solo, but along came a friendly Ball Boy and The Dab to learn all about the fun spots to execute a beatdown at Peachtree Corners Town Green. Since these two men hadn’t been to a beatdown at PTC yet, I decided to stow the weinke for next time and repeat Week #1 (which somehow did not make it to a back blast)


Standard disclaimer and warm ups near the backside of Revelator coffee.

The Thang:

Mosey the sidewalk behind Cinebistro to the nicely landscaped and seems like they were left for us ‘rock pile parking lot island.’ Grab a couple rocks (don’t go crazy with size) and proceed to run up three decks of Parking Deck to roof (Rocks held aloft above head)

Use the light poles as way points. Each PAX get’s an opportunity to decide exercise.

Homer: Bear Crawl 1 pole with 1 rock, crab crawl 1 pole with rock, run last pole with rock.
Ball Boy: Bear Crawl 1 pole with 1 rock, crab crawl 1 pole with rock, Bernie Sanders last pole with rock.
The Dab: Inch Worm Crawl 1 pole with 1 rock, broad jump 1 pole with rock, Duck Walk last pole with rock.

Grab 2nd rock and indian run back down the parking deck to the pile. Deposit rocks and head back to the town green and over to the veterans memorial.

At this point we split up. 1 PAX balls to wall, as long as he can, against retaining wall behind the random grassy hill. While he holds to failure, 1 PAX is doing some type of pull up

exercise on the kids jungle gym/climbing structure, while last PAX is at veterans memorial. Upon BTTW completion, he runs over both grassy hills (sometimes using the slide on the second hill) to tag in the pull up station.

Previous pull up PAX, runs up and over hill to the war memorial and tags in there. War memorial PAX heads to the retaining wall to perform BTTW. We did three rounds like this. War Memorial exercise rotated also from Chair Dips, to Merkins/Derkins, to LBCs.

After 9 total stations for each PAX, we circled up for some Mary which included Freddie Mercury, Dying Cockroach, Gas Pumpers, Squat Jacks, and J-los.


Prayers for health needs, travel and how we can continue to lead/impact next generation.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This morning as I stepped on the scale, I was sub 199.8. First time being at this level in many years. I’ve been asked by many, “How much weight have you lost?” and I’ve been answering… not much… I’ve just moved it around. This is true, but I have lost about 8-10lbs of goo. Mostly, I’ve gained momentum to continue living more fit and lead with more intention.

BTW, during the gloom this morning as I was doing pull ups and staring at the astroturf hill with slide… I believe that I came up with the AO name for PTC. To be revealed soon!

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