The party continues with gifts, games and cake

AO: The Gladiator

When: 08/08/2019

QIC: Zohan

PAX (17): Spandex, Scratch off, Skid, Viking, Puddle Jumper, Moonshine, Laces, Tebow, Scrum, Kegger, Cheneral, Nugget (FNG), Manchester, Brownie, Wicka Wicka, Defcon 2, Zohan


The party started yesterday when I Qed at the Hooch and continued today. I came early to The Gladiator running on almost 4 hours of sleep to set up a party game inspired by a dare over Slack by our very own Nantan – Ha Ha. The set up included 2 cinder blocks on one end of the party lot and 2 cinder blocks on the other, with 2 slabs of concrete on one of the pairs. The slabs are concrete mixes left out in the rain.

Just as we were about to start, Viking gave me my birthday present – a vest with 20lb weights to carry around during the workout today. Thanks, Viking!


We moseyed to the soccer field for 40 SSH. Anything over 20 and the PAX start to wonder what’s going on. I explained that by 41st birthday is tomorrow and so today is my last day being 40. Therefore we’re going to have some 40-themed workouts.


The Thang:

4 Corners

1 exercise in each corner of the soccer field. After each exercise go back to the center for 5 Burpees and then choose your next corner.

First round had 40 Big Boy Sit-ups, 40 Merkins, 40 Mountain Climbers and 40 American Hammers.

Mary for the six – Dying Cockroach and Gas Pumpers.

Second round had 40 Bonnie Blairs, 40 Carolina Dry Docks, 40 Dying Cockroach and 40 Freddie Mercury


By that time I realized that Viking’s gift is one that keeps on giving. 40 Burpees with that extra weight really sucked.

Party Game

We moseyed to the parking lot where the concrete slabs were waiting. I gave Ha-Ha the due credit for the dare.

The base – we’re all doing BLIMPS. That’s 10 Burpees, 20 Lunges (single count), 30 Imperial Walkers, 40 Merkins, 50 Plank Jacks and 60 Squats.

The twist – during the workout 2 PAX (rotating) carried the slabs to be placed on the cinder blocks on the other end of the parking lot. Some brave PAX went for a second round.

Meanwhile my gift continued giving…



I tried this one before with a smaller group. It was much better with a large group!

Plank against a wall. First PAX goes Balls to the Wall and shouts up. Second PAX¬† goes, then third, then… When the last PAX is up they call Done and the first PAX drops down, then the second then…

With a large group you get to stay longer against the wall. Rinse and repeat.



Flatter Kicks, Monkey Humpers and Box Cutters


We named our new FNG – Nuggets.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was good to workout with Moonshine again. It really showed the power of F3 – We don’t leave man behind.

MY M made a cake for us to enjoy during the cafeteria.

F3 Birthday Cake

Best year ever!! Glad to be part of F3

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