The Virgin Night-Ruck

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 08/06/2019

QIC: dosido

PAX (2): dosido, snake


So all day yesterday i watched one regular attendee after another drop off the list until about 8pm. When it appeared YHC would be on his own out there, suddenly out of no where i get a message from a totally new night-rucker wondering where to meet up for this BD! thank goodness snake was around to share in the joy that is the AlphaRuck night-edition. Snake shared he’s been eye- balling the happenings of night Ruck and has wanted all summer to attend but has three kids, a bride, and a busy schedule that kept interfering. Well, tonight was the night, and it was perfect.


Warmup consisted of 1.4miles of pre-rucking from Wills Park to Alpharetta City Hall. Once there, we setup shop amongst the City Hall corn hole champions who were still practicing into the late hours for the next competition i guess. We stayed out of their way for sure, and took a spot out on the grass to begin the rounds…

The Thang:

Each round consisted of the following:

together we performed 5 burpees, 10 Ruck kettle bell swings.


Full-gear firemen carries across the green, as far as PAX 1 carried, switch and PAX 2 carried back. Then PAX 1 runs the Plaza St, Haynes Br loop of 0.4mi while the other stays with the gear performing Back-burpees until the runner returns, next PAX runs while other does the burpees. That’s a round.

Round 2 begins:

5 burpees, 10 swings, Full-gear firemen carry, each run the lap, each perform the back-burpees.

Time at this point is short already, and still we have the 1.4mi cool down ruck to The Rubicon, so we call it quits at City Hall.

All in all, >120 back-burpees performed each, 5.0mi total distance traveled for the evening, and 90mins of constant healthy motion endured


Great to meet snake this evening, recovery beverage provided by snake was well received; thank you brother. we talked of family, and life, and all things GoRUCK. I look forward to our next adventure under the moon – “Train like you Ruck, Ruck like you train”

peace out

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