AO: The Gladiator

When: 08/06/2019

QIC: Shrinkage

PAX (20): Manchester, Hombre, Zohan, Puddle Jumper, Renegade, Stud Finder, Mailbox, Mufasa, Postal, Scratch Off, Wicka Wicka, Sox, Delicious, Cheneral, Tebow, Defcon 2, Brownie, Laces, Spandex, Shrinkage


It was an honor to have Hombre, the beast himself, come join us from Cherokee this morning. I heard that he’s been recovering from broken ribs, but you would have never known that today. At any rate, I enjoyed leading and appreciate Manchester letting me take the Q that he was originally scheduled to have. Truthfully, I have not been stepping up and guys like Viking, Manchester, Spandex, and others have had to lead more than their fair share.


12 Windmills
10 Up Straddle Hops (Rinse and Repeat with other leg)
20 Moroccan Nightclubs
12 Weedpickers

The Thang:

Obama (44th President) – 4 bear crawls and then 4 merkins, repeat all away across the parking lot

Random Mile – Different exercise every quarter mile for a mile including 20 big boy sit ups, 30 low slow squats, 30 monkey humpers, 10 burpees

Thunderstruck – Play AC/DC Thunderstruck and do a merkin every time they say Thunder

Partner Up, Alternating Disc Throws (Disc Golf) with merkins, squats, and monkey humpers thrown in


Happy Anniversary to Puddle Jumper and Mrs. PJ

Congrats to DC2 on a new job

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters book club meets at 7:30PM tonight at Tebow’s house

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