Punches in Bunches

AO: The Galaxy

When: 08/06/2019

QIC: Blue

PAX (9): Sparky, WideRight, Tweaker, SoSoDef, Venus, BabyFaces, Cha-Ching


Disclaimer issued



#ClownCar Confusion sparked a Warm-up in the Parking Lot of 30SSH, 20 WP and 15 Hill-Billy.  Mosey clockwise to the steps, and up to the Upper Parking Lot

The Thang:

Sprints to the punching area, a few Burpees just for fun.

Punching with focus pads, 5 min of jab, cross.

Sprints to Ladders area, 3 teams of (roughly) 2.

Icky shuffle, tag the next man.  Done 3 times.

Sprints to the punching area, 5 min of jab, cross, hook.

Sprints to Tug of War area, a few Burpees to remind us of “Good morning, sir/mam” to all we encounter.

Tug of War with FireFighter hoses x12, switching off teams of 2.


Sprints to the punching area, 5 min of jab, cross, hook, bob.

Communist Mosey (backwards) with skulls overhead to shovel-flag

Mary to 6:15.


The Galaxy Circle of Trust Announcements
Optional: 7 days left to Order F3Alpha Shirts (F3Nation.com)

IronPAX Challenge: annual event across F3 Nation
1x week for 4 weeks every AO does the same workout
PAX who want to can register and submit scores
See SLACK for details

Upcoming Events:F2 Event: Thanks for WR for Qing cookout
F3 Event: Open for suggestions….

#TaP (Thoughts and Prayers)
Yahtzee 2.0 incoming AUGUST 16
Secret Chick-fil-A and other interviews

Percy 2.0 : Vincent Coen Walker

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to all the great PAX for putting up with me when I Q!

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