The Tale of 10 Cones

August 5, 2019

AO: Grindstone

Pax: Bell, Dumpster, Thin Mint, Ralphie, FNG – Junior Mint

QIC: Sculley

Ten cones – your average road cones they were not – ventured into the gloom for battle at Grindstone on Monday morning.  With names like Burpee Broad Jump, Alligator Crawl and Partner Carry, they had reason to feel confident of victory.  Sadly, it was not going to be their morning.

The Thang:

After a short mosey and warm-o-rama, the Pax made their way to the sports field where the cones stood in formation – 5 on the 50 yard line and 5 on the goal line.  As the Pax partnered up the cones stood there – quiet and defiant.  Pretty soon, it was on. The Pax each did 10 burpees at the goal line and then took on the nearest cone – looking at its name and traveling to the 50 yard line accordingly.  At the 50, 10 more burpees took place before taking on the next cone.  One by one, each cone met its fate.

The Pax was up to the challenge today, and the Grindstone truly lived up to its name.  The cones, though defeated, vowed to return.


Prayers were said for the students and teachers returning to school.  We also want to remember Kirk Stephens and pray for strength as he continues his battle.  Finally, we lifted up our brother Cookie, praying for a quick recovery for his foot.








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