11 Days of August…no snowflakes allowed!

AO: The Norseman

When: 08/01/2019

QIC: Callahan

PAX (5): Nacho, Pumba, Stu, Ha-Ha, Callahan


We were joined by Pumba this morning, and he was in for a treat.  YHC rolled in early, or so I thought, and I was the 4th one there with 9 minutes to go!  I like the dedication!


Mosey to the top of the hill and the pavilion for 12 SSH, 10 weed pickers and 12 Michael Phelps.  Mosey back down to the football field…ahem…turf field 1…

The Thang:

Some have said it was Christmas in July, but QVC will still sell you stuff you don’t need in the month of August as well.  Therefore, the 12 Days of August were upon the PAX this morning.  We went through the days of Christmas listed, and just like the song, we tagged the prior days each time as we made our way back to numero uno.  I didn’t expect the singing of each day, but when it actually happened I  was pleasantly surprised by the vocals at 5:30am.

1 – Lap around the field

2- Turkish Get Ups

3 – LBCs

4 – Jump Squats

5 – Diamond Merkins – shout out to the PAX who really amped up their singing game on day 5

6 – Imperial Walkers

7 – Donkey Kicks – against the concession stand wall

8 – Big Boy Sit Ups

9 – Low Slow Squats – Sumo style just for giggles

10 – Lunges – Alpha Count

11 – Merkins – In cadence.  Yes, I know we did 22 technically…off me…

12 – Burpees


We made it through the full 11 days and it was 6:14, so there were cries of sadness for no burpees and Day #12.

Finished up with some flutters and Freddie Mercury, then back to the flag.


Prayers for kids heading back to school, for Stu and his son Jeremy’s treatment, as well as Stu’s flight back to Phoenix.(We’ll miss you man.  Always enjoy being challenged by Stu!).  Thankful for a new day and brothers to push each other.

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