Burpee cornucopia

AO: The Shadow

When: 07/30/2019

QIC: Chain Gang

PAX (10): Stripper Snake Oil Suds Rambo Radar CIA Leon Green Bean Madoff Bill Board


10 Brave souls joined the Q for a beatdown in the shadow of DeKalb’s finest new school trailers…


Side Straddle Hops 20x IC

Monkey Humpers 15x IC

Merkins 10x IC

High Knees 10x IC

Mosey one lap around the parking lot

Rinse and repeat exercises with windmills 10x IC added at the end to stretch out those now marm muscles

Burpees 15x OYO

The Thang:

Thang 1

Cherokee Run over yonder to Dunwoody Elementary (DES) with two pit stops along the way for some Burp & Merks 1-5

Once at DES:

– Burpees 10x OYO

– Up Downs 10x on Q’s command (high knees while awaiting the glorious command)

– Burpos 10x OYO

Thang 2

Partner up for:

Leg Throws 30x

Toyotas 30x

Burpos 15x

Run lap around the parking lot

Rinse and repeat once more, that is plenty


Thang 3

Cherokee Run back to DHS, gather at the picnic tables, to Leon’s vocal chagrin (I believe the quote was “What the F&%$?!”, or something like that)

Dips 15x IC

Burp & Merks 1-5

Dips 10x IC

Jail Break back to the light pole for COT


Prayers by Rambo:

– family friend with the leg infection, blessings that the infection is gone, now to figure out recovery for damaged leg

– Family of Bill Board’s work colleague who tragically took his own life

– Chaingang’s family with loss of grandma in-law

– Healing for Fireballs back and quick release from the nursing home (anyone know which one he is at? Madoff wants to know)

– I am certain there were other prayers, but they escape me now

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