Belated D-Day at the Hooch

AO: The Hooch

When: 07/29/2019

QIC: Feathers

PAX (12): The Dabs, Meatball, Flo, Zohan, Saint 2.0, Scrooge, Pooh Bear, Boomer, ReadyMix, Splinter, Sunshine, Feathers


I had to cancel a planned D-Day beatdown on the 75th Anniversary, so I repurposed this session to both honor that seminal event, and to celebrate the official drop of the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ trailer.  Time to buzz the tower.


Short mosey, followed by SSH, Imperial Walkers, Windmills, and Weed Pickers.

The Thang:

Mosey with Medicine ball to the grassy knoll on the east-ish side of Perimeter Church.  Partner up for Thang 1

Green Berets:

Each partner performs an exercise until one partner can’t go any more, then switch up.  R&R for the entire length of

Set 1: WWIIs and Burpees.  Sound Track: ‘The Ballad of the Green Berets’ by SSgt. Barry Sadler

Set 2: No Surrenders and Merkins.  Sound Track: ‘The Ballad of the Green Berets’ by SSgt. Barry Sadler

Set 31: American Hammers and Squats.  Sound Track: ‘The Ballad of the Green Berets’ by SSgt. Barry Sadler (This song’s gonna get stuck inside your head)

Run to midfield, then army crawl back to parking lot (Soundtrack: ‘Danger Zone’ by Kenny Loggins) and form 2 lines for Thang 2.

Top Guns:

Runners at front of each line sprint to far end of lot, then return to back of line.  Just like a bunch of F-14s taking off from the deck of the USS Enterprise.  R&R for the full length of ‘Top Gun Anthem’ By Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens.

Quick recover, then mosey to the hill and form a single line for Thang 3.


First in line performs a Squat, Press, and Throw with medicine ball, then sprints up hill and moseys to back of the line.  R&R for 1 1/2 plays of ‘A-Team Theme’ by John Swihart.

Indian run with medicine ball back to the flag (soundtrack: ‘Do Wah Diddy’ by Manfred Mann and ‘Run Through the Jungle’ by CCR), followed by 5 MoM, including (but not limited to): Chuck Norris Merkins; Dollies;  Birth Canals; American Hammers; Slow Freddie Mercurys.





Prayers for healing and continued praise for the ability to get out in the gloom and push each other.  Thunderclaps to the guys who escorted our injured soldier back to the flag (hope that wheel heals up quick Saint).

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