A quick round of Dominoes

AO: The Gladiator

When: 07/27/2019

QIC: Zohan

PAX (7): Shrinkage, Kegger, Black Box, Postal, Spandex, Hitchcock (FNG), Zohan


As I usually post at the Gladiator in the gloom of early weekday mornings, I hardly recognized the place in the light of the later hour and it was a glorious morning for a workout.


We started with a mosey to a baseball field near the entrance of the park for a quick warm-up with some Weed Pickers x12, Hill Billies x15 and Plank Jacks x12. “No SSH??” you ask? They’ll be coming.

The Thang:

Starting at the same field we split into 2 groups for a group Dora.

One group run to the other side of the field to do 10 Big Boy Sits Ups Seal-style (crossing hands) and back. The remaining group counts 100 Hands Release Merkins, 100 Copper Head Squats and 200 SSH. It’s a group count, so all the group together is ‘1’.


Indian Run back to the flag to take a few Cinder Blocks that Spandex seems to carry everywhere he goes. Again working in groups.

Round 1 – First group walks with the coupons overhead to the other side of the lot and start to do Curls. The second group Broad Jumps to them. Switch back.

Round 2 – First group does Lt. Dan with the Coupons (4 lunges+1 squat) to the end of the lot. The second groups runs there and starts to do Squat Jumps until the first group arrives. Switch.

Round 3 – First group does Kettle Bells. Second group Bear Crawls half the lot and runs back. Switch.

Round 4 – First group does Kettle Bells. Second group Crab Walk half the lot and runs back. Switch.



We run around the buiding till the Q found the perfect wall. Line up plank position near the wall. First PAX climbs backwards to a ‘Balls on the Wall’ position and shouts Up. Second PAX climbs and so forth. When the last PAX called that he’s up the first PAX drops and calls Down, then the second and so forth.

Being only 7 of us, it was a short round and thus called for Rinse and Repeat.


We run to a nice patch of grass between 2 sports fields for 11s – starting with 10 Surrender No Surrender at the line (standing position, down one knee, down the other, up one knee, up the other. That’s ‘1’) and 1 Makhtar N’Diayes (Plank position, down one elbow, down the other, up one elbow, up the other).


Finish and Mary

Burpee Circle, Gas Pampers x12, The Dolly x12, American Hammers x12




Naked-Man Moleskin:

The Gladiator isn’t my usual Saturday AO. It was a pleasure to Q a workout with the PAX there!

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