Q Audible

AO: The Rubicon

When: 07/23/2019


PAX (7): TopHat, Cookie, Devito, Heidi, Zima, Turbine, MT


A HIM must always be prepared for the worst ready to adapt and evolve for the benefit of the PAX.  This morning’s plan had the team a ways from home base but with torrential rain and imminent threat of lightning, modification was required.  7 Committed Pax rallied to Grits Pavilion for the safety of cover.


Warm up consisted of many normal stretches and movements

The Thang:

Audible plan was to attack a workout we have not seen in at least a year but a favorite of this Q – The Marsoc Short Card.  It’s approx. a 25 minute list of varied exercises and rep counts that strengthens all parts of the body.  Per the norm, a few modifications were made to increase the difficulty.  In all it was over 150 mercans, 40 Burpees, Star jumps, Dollies, Hammers, supermans, alternating shoulder taps, Bonnie Blairs. lunges, LBC’s and a few others.  Halfway thru we did two laps around home base parking lot.

At the conclusion was an additional lap and back to the pavilion for partner BTTW.  First round 60 seconds, second round 45 and final round 30 seconds.

Next we got to FOD home base where we bear crawled to first, sprinted to foul pole, jogged the outside to opposite foul pole, sprinted to third and crawl bear home.  Line up for home to outfield sprint and back.  Line up for Indian Run and back to home base for some diamond mercans to finish the morning.


Praise for Tophat’s M’s Back procedure
Praise for the Q stepping on CopperHead on Sat. trail run and not getting bit

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s great to know there are committed men who post rain or shine to help each other get better!
An Honor and Privilege to lead always!

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