Monday Morning Grinder

AO: The Hooch

When: 07/22/2019

QIC: Saint2O

PAX (12): El Matador, Flo, Boomer, Scrooge, Meatball, The Dab, Zohan, Sunshine, Splinter, Popper, Readymix, Saint2O


Finally getting back to the pre-run with El Matador and Popper was refreshing. We were ready for the BD, good work!

A nice group of PAX was assembled for a Monday morning at the Hooch.


Quick mosey around the parking lot, then the following IC:


The Thang:

Quick check on the numbers: 12 PAX, which was perfect for what YHC had planned.

So, off we went towards the church, with a quick stop near (what used to be) Hurricane’s for a Circle Burp with high knees.

Then mosey to the firepit at the church and spread out for a Merkin Cycle. This is 10 each of Hand Release Merkins, Derkins, Erkins, and regular Merkins. Then Rinse and Repeat. Then Rinse and Repeat again.

Next mosey back up to the (well lit) parking lot for a Grinder. Get in groups of 3. One person ran to the other end of the parking lot. The way it works is you do a different exercise on each end, and when the third person runs to your end, you switch with them, and do the exercise. We did this until everyone had done each exercise twice (Double Grinder), and finish where you started. Here’s what we did:

  • Burpees and LBCs
  • Monkey Humpers and BBSs
  • Squats and V-Ups

Then Indian Run back towards the flag, with a stop for lunges along the way.

Time for a little around the circle Mary. We had Flutter Kicks, Dolly, Gas Pumper, Box Cutter, Peter Parker, and maybe something else YHC can’t remember. Then time!


Prayers for the week and health.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Excellent work this morning, it was hot and humid, and it showed this morning, for sure.

Honored to lead this group, keep up the good work, men!

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